If you feel that all bettors lose the vast majority of their bets then you would be mistaken. The smart ones choose the services of an expert handicapper to guide them through the maze of confusion before they can be all set to develop their own handicapping prowess. But if you intend to win most of your placed bets even if you are a novice then you ought to choose safely with sports handicapper ratings.

Although all sports betting handicappers might boast that they’ve an outstanding record of wins, most do not post the percentage or number of wins on their own sites. Others might simply try to convince you that they’re the best with sweet talk but do not have proven results to back their talk. In order to remain safe from such cheaters, it is vital for you to consider handicapper ratings so as to end up receiving the top handicappers. There are plenty of reputed websites that constantly track sites of several handicappers and post their findings on their own sites. The results range from the number of bets placed together with the number of bets won and lost together with the percentage of success achieved by a specific handicapper.

This easy-to-follow list is capable of showing you the performance of each handicapper at the single glance and thus help you to pick the right handicapper in your favorite sport. Don’t forget that that if your selected sport for betting is college basketball, mlb baseball, nfl football, or even the Belmont Stakes in horse racing, among others, you will need to search for a specific handicapper for that precise sport as opposed to compromising for a standard handicapper.

Your preferred handicapper must have precision-point handicapping skills for the sport that you picked in order to produce free or premium sports picks that have a definite advantage above other picks. You can use premium or paid picks provided that your stakes are very high as you will be unable to afford paying for picks if your stakes and winnings are low.

By aligning yourself with an expert handicapper you can also start learning on how to be a specialist yourself in the future. You will simply need to minutely follow the handicapping system utilised by your handicapper so that you can come up with winning predictions exclusively by yourself. Hence, while you set about earning big money by following the picks of your handicapper, you can also start learning about the special skills needed to turn into one of the best handicappers over time. However, you must note that handicapping needs a considerable amount of time, effort and patience along with a high level of accuracy in collecting and processing all data associated towards the sport, race or game of your choice.

By cross-checking your individual choice of a handicapper with sports handicappers ratings, you’re certain to land up at the home-page of a sincere and competent sports handicapper that will provide you with picks with the increased prospect of winning big money. Whether your love for betting is a college game, an auto race or maybe in the ultimate bowl, your odds of winning will definitely be safely elevated once you follow the picks of the most effective handicapper.